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ATM Cards

Access cash at thousands of ATMs worldwide

Wherever you travel in Northeast Indiana and Southwest Michigan, you're likely close to a Farmers State Bank or one that's part of our global network of ATMs. Use your ATM Card to withdraw money from your account whenever you need it. Also, most Farmers State Bank locations feature ATMs that allow you to deposit money.

While you enjoy the convenience of your ATM Card, we encourage you to keep your card secured. Take a moment to read these tips to help prevent fraud and identity theft.

Report a stolen, lost, or compromised Debit/ATM Card

  • Call 888.492.7111 during business hours to cancel your Debit or ATM card.
  • Call 888.297.3416 during non-business hours to cancel your Debit or ATM card.

Questions? Call Farmers State Bank at 888.492.7111

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