Person using a laptop and texting their bank.

Text Banking

Fast financial information for a fast-paced world

Business leaders on-the-go often need to make a quick connection with their bank accounts.

A simple text message can get you the information you need to make your next move or be assured that everything is on track.

  • To sign up, call 888.492.7111 or visit any Farmers State Bank Branch
  • Text codes and commands to 833.833.4172 (not case sensitive)
  • Although Farmers State Bank doesn't charge for Text Banking services, your carrier may charge standard message and data rates

Text Commands
Here's how to get started. ("Account name" is the name you give to specific accounts, such as Sav or Chk.)

  • Bal: Sends balance for all enrolled accounts
  • Bal "account name": Sends balance for a specific account
  • Hist: Last five transactions for all enrolled accounts
  • Hist "account name": Last five transactions for just that account
  • Xfer "account name" to "account name": Move money between two named accounts. For example: (Xfer Sav Chk 5.00)
  • Help: Returns list of commands
    Suspend or Stop: Immediately suspends the Text Banking service for the user

Person using debit card to pay for their coffee.
Saving Time and Money

Works like a check only it’s faster, easier and more convenient.

Farmers State Bank debit cards give you quick and easy access to your funds when you need it.