Merchant Services

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Does your business accept debit or credit cards?

If not, you could be missing out on many potential customers who do not carry cash or checks. In this electronic world we live in, most people use a debit or credit card for all of their purchasing needs. First Data™ can offer your business all of the tools needed to reach that debit and credit card customer base to increase your revenue.

Business Solutions

  • PERKA™—An electronic customer loyalty program that’s cardless and customizable.
  • INSIGHTICS SM—The InsighticsSM Solution is intuitive software that uses your own sales information to help you uncover exciting new opportunities and grow your business.
  • CLIENT LINE—See your real time transactions along with the peace of mind of a 7 year history.
  • BUSINESS TRACK—A user-friendly web tool that gives businesses the convenience of accessing and managing all processing data.
  • ALL IN ONE STATEMENT—Your statement contains one reconciliation for all major credit cards; Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express and Discover.
  • GIFT CARDS—Gift cards are an effective way to drive foot traffic into your business and increase overall spending, thus increasing revenue. Traditional plastic cards or eGift cards are both available to merchants.
  • TELECHEK®—Convert paper checks to electronic deposits and get your money faster.


  • TRANSARMOR®—Payment card security that protects businesses and their customers from the consequences of a data breach, letting merchants focus on their business. TransArmor® exceeds the requirements of PCI Compliance.
  • PCI COMPLIANCE—All businesses are required to protect cardholder information and other sensitive data. With First Data®’s PCI Rapid Comply®, you’re not only protecting your customers but mitigating the risk of your business.


  • CLOVER®—Clover is cloud and android based with an open platform and a continuous growing app marketplace.  The Clover Station is the newest, customizable technology that can track inventory, manage employees, gain customer insight and accept payments with ease.
  • FD130—The newest FD terminal with EMV chip technology.
  • CLOVERGO® - A mobile payment solution for businesses on the go using your existing smart phone or tablet. Accept payments at remote locations such as in-home services, trade shows and restaurant delivery services. This terminal accepts the newest in payment technology including EMV chip cards.

For more information on how your business can begin taking credit cards or for a free consultation stop in and see your Blue Button Banker at any of our convenient banking centers or call 888.492.7111.