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Cash Management

Find new efficiencies by sending and receiving electronic payments

Reduce your staff workload. Trim postage and check-handling costs. Increase your percentage of on-time receivables. Send money quickly and inexpensively. With the focus on electronic transactions, our Blue Button Banking Cash Management Services streamlines your operations and benefits your bottom line.

  • Free demonstration before your business commits to our service
  • Farmers State Bank will guide your team through the set-up process in person at your business location, every step of the way
  • Reduce postage and other costs by making Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payments to vendors, suppliers, landlords, trade associations and others
  • ACH payments may also be used for Direct Deposit of your employee payroll
  • Improve your cash flow by not having outgoing funds tied up for days in the postal mail
  • Receive electronic payments from customers and business partners that are routed straight to your operating account
  • With check-processing duties reduced, your office team is freed up for other mission-critical work
  • Increase on-time receivables as customers and clients take advantage of the ease of scheduling automatic electronic payments

Outgoing Wires
  • Input information and send a wire conveniently from your computer
  • Save money, as self-generated wires cost $5 each, compared to $30 each for wires sent with the assistance of bank representatives at a branch location

  • One-time set-up fee: $25
  • ACH batch: $5
  • Wire: $5
  • Re-creation of returned items: $5

Additional fees may incur

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Simplify your banking with eStatements.

Access your bank statements online – with eStatements. Review balances, payments, deposits and other transactions from your computer any time of day with no waiting for the mail.

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