Cash Management

Fee Schedule

One Time Set Up Fee ACH Batch Wire Batch Re-creation of Returned Items
Additional fees incur
$5.00 $5.00


It is fast & convenient

  • Outgoing Wires:
    • Customer has the capability to input and send a wire within minutes from a computer!
    • Cost Efficient ("Conventional Method" wires cost $20 each vs. $5 using Cash Management)

  • ACH -Direct Deposit/Debit:
    • Electronic ACH files are processed throughout the business day between 8 am and 4 pm
    • Convenience (create batches right from you computer, anytime, day or night)
    • May credit savings, checking or loan at most banks
    • Allows for businesses to offer Direct Deposit
    • Can create vendor payments alleviating the need for COD

  • Additionally
    • This Cash Management Program is very user friendly!
    • A free demonstration can be scheduled prior to any signed agreements.
    • An FSB associate will come to guide you through the set-up.
    • Allows the customer to view previously initiated batches.

Call the FedLine Department for more details.  888.492.7111