Online Banking Users Guide

Getting Started

To have a Farmers State Bank Online Banking account, you must be a FSB customer with at least one account and have a completed application filled out and signed. We need to have an original signature on file (no faxes or copies are allowed). You can get an application by visiting any of our offices or on the Farmers State Bank website by using the Online Banking tab. Please complete this application and return it to any FSB associate. After your application is processed, your Online Banking ID and instructions for activating your account will be sent to you by postal mail within a few days.

To ensure the highest possible security, you must use a browser that supports 128-bit SSL encryption, such as Netscape Navigator 7.x and higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7.x and higher. These browsers or browser updates are available free from the Netscape and Microsoft websites.

Online Banking Sign In

To begin banking online, click on the Online Banking “Sign In” button, located on the Farmers State Bank website homepage. From the Sign In page, you can sign on and access, Farmers State Bank's Online Banking services by entering your Online Banking ID and password. After you have entered your Online Banking ID and password, click on the “Submit” button to access your account information.

Immediately following your first successful login, you will be prompted to change your password. Your new password must be between six and twenty-four characters in length and must contain letters and numbers. For maximum security, you will be prompted to change your pin/password every 180 days.

REMEMBER: Keep your password private; do not disclose your password to others and do not write your password on anything that can be viewed by others.

If you forget your password, you must contact Farmers State Bank during business hours to have your password reset. After three unsuccessful login attempts, the system will automatically lock you out. This is to prevent possible unauthorized access to your accounts; in this case, you may contact us toregain access (260) 463-7111 or (888) 492-7111 Monday– Friday 8 am–5:00 pm EST , and Saturday 8am-12pm EST (with exception to Federal holidays). You may change your password at any time by using the “Options” tab within Online Banking. We recommend that you change your password frequently. To log out of Online Banking select “Exit” in the upper-right hand corner of screen.

Be assured, Farmers State Bank is here to serve you and we will not sell your e-mail address. We simply have it on file in case we need to contact you via the Internet.

View Interest Rates

This page displays current interest rates on Farmers State Bank’s deposit account products. The link is found by selecting the “Internet Banking” tab then choosing “Interest Rates”.

Internet Banking - Accounts

The “Accounts” tab allows access to all of the accounts that have been selected for viewing through Online Banking. If you do not see an account that you own and would like access to, please contact us. Initially, your accounts will be titled with a generic name. As a security precaution, your account
numbers are not used over the Internet. Next to any account, you can click the drop down arrow to the right to select an option.


This option will show your transactions for the last 30 days. You can change the transaction list by clicking since last statement, seven days, or 15days. You can also search by date, amount, or check number by utilizing the “Search” function under the tabs along the top. Online banking retains
90 days of history for your account. On deposit accounts, you can view images by clicking the check number link or a link titled “View Image”.


Online Banking allows you to download account transactions into a personal finance application such as Microsoft Money. You can also download your account information into a text file or spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.

To download transactions do the following:

  1. Choose the account you would like to download transactions from.
  2. Select the range of transactions to download.
  3. Select a format for the type of software you are downloading to: C Microsoft Money (.OFX) C Personal Finance (.QIF) C Spreadsheet (.CSV) C Word Processing (.TXT)
    C Intuit® Quicken (.QFX) C Intuit® QuickBooks (.QBO)
  4. Click on the “Submit” button to begin downloading. The next page will give additional instructions.


If your account statement has cycled since you have been established on Online Banking, you will be able to view your previous statements. The available statement dates will be displayed from which you may choose. After three statements have cycled, you will be able to view as many as three previous statements.

Stop Payments (paper checks only)

Using this option, you can place a stop payment on a check based upon a check number or amount. Be aware there is a $34 charge for each request that will be deducted from your account. You can select a specific check, a range of checks, or you can select a specific dollar amount. Fields marked with asterisks are required. The more information you can supply, the easier it will be to stop the proper check. After filling out the requested information, click the “Submit” button. A “New Stop Payment” page will display for you to review and edit any of the information you entered. Once you have verified the information is correct, select the “Confirm” button. Note that we are unable to place a stop payment order on checks that we have already received and paid. Stop-payment requests must be entered by 5:00 p.m. (EST) to take effect on that business day.

The stop payment request is only good for 14 days. If you wish to place a stop payment for a longer period, you must print the page, sign it and mail it to:

Farmers State Bank
Attn: Bookkeeping
220 S Detroit St.
LaGrange, IN 46761

Please remember to keep a second copy for your personal records. After the written stop payment notice is signed and received by Farmers State Bank, your stop payment order is good for six months and will not be effective after six months, unless the stop payment is renewed in writing.

Note: If you wish to place a stop payment on an electronic payment or have a watch for stolen or lost checks, please contact the Farmers State Bank Bookkeeping Department at (260) 463-7111 or (888) 492-7111.


This option will appear for those accounts that have the transfer option available. You can transfer money one time or you can set up a scheduled recurring transfer.

To initiate a transfer request:

  1. Upon choosing “Transfers”, any transfers you have scheduled will be displayed and you will have options to view, edit, or delete these pending transfers.
  2. To schedule a new transfer, click “New” located under the tabs along the top.
  3. Choose the accounts to transfer from and to by using the drop down arrow.
  4. In the “Transfer amount” box, enter the amount that you wish to transfer; the first section is the dollar amount and the second section is the cents amount.
  5. In the “Frequency” box, select the frequency using the drop down arrow.
  6. “Transfer date”-- select the date you wish your transfer to occur.
  7. “Transfer memo”—this field is optional. You may enter a note here, which may serve as a reminder to you of what this transfer was for.
  8. To process your transfer, click on the “Submit” button at the bottom of the page. A “Transfer Confirmation” screen will appear giving you details of the transfer and a confirmation number. You should print this page for your records and contact us immediately if you do not receive a confirmation number, as the transfer will not occur.

Options Tab (to manage & organize your online account information)

This page gives you the option to change your password or Banking ID (Alias), change account names, change display options and more.


  • Change E-mail Address
  • You may change your E-mail address at any time.
  • Watermark/Image
  • Click on the image to change it.
  • Change FSB Internet Banking ID
  • You can change your FSB Internet Banking ID from the 12-digit bank assigned number to something easier for you to remember. The Personal ID that you choose may be up to 12 characters long. The ID cannot begin with a number, but may include numbers in it. All ID's are individual and no two persons may have the same one. If you choose an ID that has already been selected by another customer, you will be prompted to select another ID.
  • Change Password/Pin - With this option, you can change your Password at any time and as many times as you wish. The password you choose must be between six and eight characters in length and must contain letters and numbers.


  • Change Account Pseudo Name
    Each account that you have access to through Online Banking will initially be set up with the default name created by the banking system. If you wish to change the name of any accounts to something more meaningful, you can do so here. You may also change the order your accounts display in by clicking and dragging the account to the place you wish it to be.
  • Alerts
    You will find: Current Event Alerts, Current Balance Alerts, Current Item Alerts, and Current Personal Alerts; select the one you wish to have an alert set up on. You will then be prompted to another page – fill out all the necessary information that you desire to monitor and click “Submit”.
  • ATM/Debit Card
    You can report your card lost/stolen by placing a checkmark in the box. If you wish to have a card reordered, please be sure to call any FSB office.

Bill Pay Services through the FSB Online Banking

Established FSB Online Banking customers with a checking account may also apply for Bill Pay.
Think of all the bills you have to pay. Mortgage or rent, car payment, water, gas, electric, telephone, credit cards, insurance, tuition, cable TV, memberships, etc. Now you can pay all your bills with Farmers State Bank Online Bill Pay from any computer or mobile device with internet access. Online Bill Pay lets you pay your bills in minutes, make one-time or recurring payments, and remove the hassles of writing checks and buying stamps.  Bill Pay is a simple, easy tool to use that can save you time and money.

USERGUIDE revised May 2017

For more information, please contact us and add this feature to your account today!

220 S. Detroit Street
LaGrange, IN 46761
phone 1.260.463.7111 or 1.888.492.7111
fax 1.260.463.7341