Trust Services

Farmers State Bank is proud to offer a full array of investment and trust services. Our experienced staff will work hard to make sure your goals and objectives are met through an account that is perfectly matched to fit your needs.


Trust Administration

For over 100 years families have trusted Farmers State Bank with their hard-earned money. Through our Trust Administration and Estate Planning group we continue to work to meet your long-term financial goals through our personal, customized approach. Whether it is through a revocable living trust, a charitable trust, family or marital trust, or an irrevocable trust, our professionals are here to help.

Estate Planning and Estate Administration

Making sure your assets pass to your chosen heirs just as you prefer is the job of our Estate Planning and Estate Administration specialists. In planning your estate, our objective is to help you minimize the tax burden, maximize efficiency, and protect your family now and in the years to come. When we serve as personal representative, we make sure the directives stated in your Will are fully carried out efficiently and effectively.

Professionally Managed Investment Accounts

Focused on your objectives, we bring a conservative, long-term approach to disciplined investment management. From assessing your situation and selecting the proper mix of investments, to performing ongoing review and monitoring of your portfolio, we emphasize risk management in this turbulent investment environment.

Bond Agent/Trust Services

Farmers State Bank is pleased to help in our community’s growth through serving as the trustee and paying agent in bond issues.

Annuities, mutual funds, and other investments are *NOT INSURED BY THE FDIC or any other Federal Government agency *not a deposit or other obligation of, or guaranteed by any bank *subject to risks including the possible loss of principal amount invested.