Employee Testimonials


"FSB has a unique culture that allows you to participate (engage), focus on being an ideal team member and encourages lots of fun, while working hard to promote an outstanding customer experience.  FSB is different from other employers because it’s a culture that allows you to make mistakes and learn from them, promote talent from within as the first option and recognition/praise are at the forefront of the core values.  It’s a family environment where our team knows everyone in the community. The team is extremely inviting, courteous and professional. It’s an organization that takes pride in doing the right thing for our employees and providing leadership for our community.  I look forward to coming to work every day because the team is genuine and thoughtful. I get to work with a team that is always thinking of others first (Servant Leadership), which is ultimately one of our best qualities as an organization."
TJ Kempf, Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer, 4 Years with FSB

"As a teller, I am (as well as my team) the face of Farmers State Bank to our customers and the communities we serve. I take great pride in providing our customers the best service possible and helping them resolve any issues they might be having with their accounts as well as helping them utilize all the services FSB has to offer. As a lead teller, I am the one my team relies on to assist them with tough situations and to be a positive role model. My role is crucial in the smooth operation of our overall branch operations. I have been with FSB since July 2005 and I stay because it’s an amazing company to work for. Our mission statement of “Making a difference in our communities” isn’t just about our customers; FSB does a great job making a difference in the lives of their employees as well. Management makes it easy to succeed and meet our goals because we WANT to live up to our mission statement. I feel this really sets us apart from our competitors. FSB is great place to grow and I look forward to growing with this company for years to come."
Chantel Horn, Lead Teller (Howe Branch), 15 Years with FSB

"I came to work for Farmers State Bank nearly a year ago, and was immediately blown away by the genuine kindness of everyone I encountered. The culture fosters growth and loyalty in employees, and the leadership team has great plans for the future. Employees are given a voice in important decisions and share in FSB’s success through regular incentives and perks. (Did I mention we get to wear jeans and get our birthdays off?!)  The focus on the community, however, is what really makes the bank stand out. I truly believe that Farmers State Bank is living up to its mission of making a difference in the communities we serve, and look forward to playing a role in that for many years to come."
Lana Wright, IT Manager, Business Operations, 1 Year with FSB

"I have been with FSB since January 2, 1994.  Being a part of the FSB family is rewarding in so many ways. The opportunity for growth, the ability to think on your own, the challenges that come with helping others. The overall feeling of accomplishment even when it has been a trying day. Loving what I do and wanting to do more to help FSB be successful. This is not a job, it is a career.  The compassion and caring FSB has for our communities and staff is what sets us apart from out competition as well as being a part of the communities we work and live in.  I would describe FSB as top notch, will be there for you, a place where you are treated like family and can treat others like family. with lasting relationships.  I look forward to the years to come working for FSB, our community and staff.  This is where I plan on retiring from in the future.  Funny thing is, I am 10 years from being able to retire and I really hope it does not go fast as I love what I do."
Ginny Houlton, Asst. Vice President and Hamilton Branch Manager, 26 Years with FSB

I am a second career banker: I spent the first 20+ years of my adult life working in Medical Administration before I decided a change was needed.  My first job in banking was at FSB as a teller.  I was amazed at the teller training program and how in depth it was.  Also, the longevity and the knowledge of the support staff surrounding me was an awe-inspiring testament to the type of place I had chosen to be.  With their help I was able to learn my way up to my role as branch manager in two years.  As a branch manager it is my role to communicate between the main branch and ours.  I oversee the operations and staff in Howe as well as being the consumer loan officer.  FSB cares about all of their employees and that culture shines through in the way we care about each other.  FSB makes a difference in the community but it also has made a difference in my career path.  I look forward to being among the long term employees who eventually retire from FSB.
Lisa Loker, Asst. Vice President and Howe Branch Manager, 2 Years with FSB

All of the testimonials above were made by current Farmers State Bank employees.  Employees were not given an incentive or additional compensation for their testimonial.  All testimonials that were given were voluntary.